Pastore peak


Pastore Peak offers everything! A breathtaking approach trek, considered by many as one of the best treks in the world, a shapely 6000m peak, sandwiched between the 8000m giants of K2 and Broad Peak. A visit to K2 Base camp and a return journey over the Gondogoro La or via same route. A unique offering by Summit Karakoram. It is still suitable for those who have experience with ice axe and crampons to grade 1. For those who do not wish to ascend the final peak there is the welcome opportunity to relax and just visit K2 Base Camp.

This is one of the greatest treks in the world, unbeatable in terms of close-up mountain views and proximity to many of the world’s highest peaks. However this is a tough but rewarding trek, with many days being spent on the rugged, tumbled glacier as you head up to ‘Concordia’ where the Baltoro and the Godwin-Austen glaciers converge in a beauty and simplicity of ice and rock. Many trekking operators only include a trek up to BC on a day return but Summit Karakoram takes you on up past Broad Peak to K2 Base Camp where we spend a night, allowing you time to absorb the unique atmosphere and environment surrounding this unforgettable mountain.


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